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Microsoft Dataverse

It is an continuation video article of our Microsoft Power Platform introductory course for Beginners series? Where we will learn about What is Microsoft Power Platform? This is an short introduction about Microsoft Dataverse. Well officially as per Microsoft

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

“The Power Platform is a low code platform that enables organizations to analyze data, act on it through applications, and automate business processes. It allows everyone, from the professional developer to the frontline worker, to participate in driving better business outcomes by building apps.

Microsoft Power Platform
Microsoft Power platform
Microsoft Power platform

What is Microsoft Dataverse?

The Common Data Service has been renamed to Microsoft Dataverse

Important terminology changes:

 Microsoft Dataverse
Microsoft Dataverse Terminology Changes

What is Microsoft Dataverse?

  • Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud-based solution, that easily structures a variety of data and business logic to support interconnected applications and processes in a secure and compliant manner.
  • Dataverse was built for powerful, scalable solutions, It is achieved with standard tables and columns, as well as the ability to easily define relationships between your data.
  • Dataverse connects easily to all aspects of Power Platform. So that you can fully control, automate, and strengthen your business.
  • Dataverse is Managed and maintained by Microsoft. Dataverse is available globally but deployed geographically to comply with your potential data residency.
  • A powerful data access layer with support for data import, export and security. Role-based security allows you to control access to entities for different users within your organization.
  • Security: Dataverse handles authentication with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to allow for conditional access and multi-factor authentication. It supports authorization down to the row and column level and provides rich auditing capabilities.
  • Logic: Dataverse allows you to easily apply business logic at the data level. Regardless of how a user is interacting with the data, the same rules apply. And these rules could be related to duplicate detection, business rules, workflows, or more..
  • Data: Dataverse offers you the control to shape your data, allowing you to discover, model, validate, and report on your data. This control ensures your data looks the way you want regardless of how it is used.
  • Storage: Dataverse stores your physical data in the Azure cloud. This cloud-based storage removes the burden of worrying about where your data lives or how it scales. These concerns are all handled for you.
  • Integration: Dataverse connects in different ways to support your business needs. APIs, webhooks, eventing, and data exports give you flexibility to get data in and out.

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