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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service – Setup and Configuration relies on the below aspects.

  • Field Service Security Roles.
  • Initial Configuration Settings.
  • Using Products and Price Lists in Field Service.
  • Setting up and Defining Field Service Resources.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Security Roles

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Below 5 security roles are created as part of Field Service. Additionally custom security roles can be created and configured accordingly.

  • Field Service – Administrator : Who administrates all the Field Service configuration.
  • Field Service – App Access: Who controls the Field Service app access.
  • Field Service – Dispatcher: Who is responsible for dispatching the products/ work orders/ resources.
  • Field Service – Inventory Purchase: Who handles the purchases of inventory.
  • Field Service – Resource: The Bookable resources.

Configuration Settings (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Administration)

Several administrative settings can be defined to allow greater flexibility and customization for use with Field Service.

This could include:

  1. Characteristics.
  2. Territories.
  3. Warehouses.
  4. Priorities.
  5. Postal Codes.
  6. Products.
  7. Bookable Resources.
  8. Price Lists.
  9. Time Groups.
  10. Payment Terms.
  11. Incident Types.
  12. Tax Codes.
  13. Booking Statuses.
  14. Service Task Types.
  15. Booking Rules.

Most part of the Field Service configuration will be done in the Administration settings and most commonly in the Field Service settings where a general Work Order can be configured.

Territories are the regions where a particular Resource will be working or assigned to and the Work Orders can be associated with a Territorial region as to configure and assign a Resource accordingly.

Postal Codes are associated with Territories and this becomes lot more efficient while configuring the Territories and the Work Orders.

Characteristics define. the skill set of the Resources some of them like CRM, C#, Management, Business Analyst, etc.

Products and Services

Products & Services play a key role in any type of Field Service implementation and when we talk about Products & Services it is anything as below.

  • Whatever you sell.
  • In Field Service, maybe added manually to a Work Order.
  • Can be added automatically to a Work Order from an Incident.
  • May be marked as “used” billed to a client or left as “estimated” on a Work Order.

Products and Services Categories:

Inventory – Products sold and deducted from inventory.

Non-Inventory – Products sold but not tracked in inventory.

Services – Sold on time and material basis.

                List Price and costs are hourly rates.

Duration of Service:

  • Manually entered on Mobile by Field Agent.
  • Derived from elapsed time between Work Order Schedule Statuses.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Capabilities

Proactive service delivery

Using IoT sensors, this application remotely detects and resolves problems proactively, thereby preventing service calls. It helps your business transition from a scheduled service model to a predictive maintenance model with the help of IoT data.

It gives you a 360-degree view of your customers’ needs and helps you gain tremendous customer insights by leveraging field service calls to send automated personalized surveys. It uses AI-based suggestions for IoT alert actions and improving proactive service.

Optimum Resources Scheduling

Using AI-enabled scheduling recommendations, drag-and-drop scheduling board, triage calls, and interactive maps, you can create a unified workflow and smartly dispatch the aptly experienced technician at the right time to the customer’s location.

You can also optimize their travel time and maximize resource utilization while reducing operational costs. You can maximize the utilization of resources while preparing a response plan for delays, cancellations, and urgent work.

Ensure in-context fix

Various mixed-reality tools, bots, guides, and supervision of seasoned technicians help newer technicians locate a customer, get step-by-step guidance to conduct maintenance and capture videos, voice notes, and photos with the mobile application.

You can monitor all service activities like accessing work orders and customer information, even when offline. It empowers technicians on-field to manage work orders. Bots assist technicians in the field access product information using Guides.

Asset and Equipment Management

By connecting Dynamics 365 for Field Service with Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, you can synchronize all data and effectively track and manage all asset and equipment efficiently, down to the truck level too, along with their warranty, service agreements, audit history, and total revenue.

From inspecting to repairing, you can locate all products and corresponding customer locations. You can track the service history of all assets and the sensors connected to those to do the assets’ health checkup.

Customer and Partner Engagement

You can diversify your communication lines and throw them all open to your partners and customers, meet SLAs, and offer proactive vs. reactive service. Thus, you get all the visibility and insights personalized to the customer’s or partner’s role.

You can extend the self-service options to improve the customer experience. You can view active or expired agreements on the customer’s portal. You can also Automatically distribute opportunities to preferred partners.

Work Order Management

Build work orders from email or your CRM or even customer portal and monitor against SLAs, invoices, and total revenue. You can leverage inventory to gain insights on inventory levels at warehouses and ensure that the technicians have all the required resources to deliver superior-quality services on the field.

It’s well configured to power a Field Service Implementation to meet the business objectives.

Business Insights

With a centralized information database, you can glean core business analytics and KPIs from uncovering significant business insights and using those for smart, proactive decision making.

These valuable insights help you dispatch the right information to the right place at the right time. The Business Insights also power innovation in real time thereby increasing productivity and profitability.

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