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Introducing AI Builder for Power PlatformWhat is Microsoft AI Builder

It is an continuation video article of our Microsoft Power Platform introductory course for Beginners series? Where we will learn about What is Microsoft Power Platform? This is an short introduction about Microsoft AI Builder. Well officially as per Microsoft

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

“The Power Platform is a low code platform that enables organizations to analyze data, act on it through applications, and automate business processes. It allows everyone, from the professional developer to the frontline worker, to participate in driving better business outcomes by building apps.

Microsoft Power Platform
Microsoft Power platform
Microsoft Power platform

What is Microsoft AI Builder?

Microsoft AI Builder
  • AI Builder is a turnkey solution that brings the power of AI through a point-and-click experience.
  • Give everyone in your organization—regardless of their technical experience—the ability to add AI capabilities to the apps they create and use.
  • Quickly simplify tasks using AI models such as prediction, form processing, object detection, category classification, and entity extraction via a simple, intuitive interface.
  • Get step-by-step guidance. Easily build, train, and publish AI models without writing a single line of code, using templates and a guided process, or quickly embed prebuilt components directly into your apps.
  • Use AI Builder components in Microsoft Power Apps to quickly extract text and visual information using your camera or from available images and documents. Focus on high-value work by automating your time-consuming manual processes with AI Builder and UI flows, a robotic process automation (RPA) capability of Power Automate.

Microsoft AI Builder Overview

  • AI Builder is a Microsoft Power Platform capability you can use to improve business performance by automating processes and predicting outcomes.
  • With AI Builder, you can add intelligence to your apps even if you have no coding or data science skills.
  • Get straight to productivity with prebuilt AI scenarios including key phrase extraction, language detection, sentiment analysis, text recognition (OCR), business card reader, entity extraction, receipt processing (preview), and category classification (preview).
  • Gain value from all of your data. Built on the strength of Azure AI capabilities, AI Builder in Power Apps allows you to train and build no-code models and enhance the intelligence of your business apps using your data in Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Common Data Service.

What can AI Builder Do?

AI Builder provides you with the ability to optimise your business processes using artificial intelligence (AI). You can use AI to automate processes and gain insights from your data in Power Apps and Power Automate. Built on the strength of Azure AI capabilities, AI Builder in Power Apps allows you to train and build models and enhance the intelligence of your business apps using your data in Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dataverse. With AI Builder, you can build custom models tailored to your needs, or choose a prebuilt model that is ready to use for many common business scenarios.

How AI is infused in Microsoft projects

A handful of the internal Microsoft projects that are making use of AI for creating better outcomes have been highlighted below : 

Customer support virtual agent – Microsoft developed a conversational virtual agent for supporting customer queries regarding many Microsoft products that include Office, Xbox, and Windows. This helped create a 2x boost in self-help while reducing the time wasted on agent-to-agent transfers.  

Revamped sales processes – Microsoft streamlined its intricate sales processes, enhanced the sales data accuracy, and allowed for an individualized customer experience by generating a fresh sales process developed through Dynamics 365 and Azure Cloud Services.

Smart buildings powered by data analytics – Data analytics, IoT, and Azure Machine Learning were leveraged by the platform to manage predictive maintenance, HVAC optimization as well as climate control, helping to ensure that the buildings remain comfortable and the platform’s environmental footprint is also reduced. 

The power and influence of AI have made it the defining technology, paving its way into every business and industry. All tech enterprises are on the lookout for reliable strategic partners to lend them a hand in harnessing AI and to further their development. Microsoft is all set to become that strategic partner, walking hand in hand with AI in this journey of revolutionizing enterprises. 

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